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Orthodontic Financing

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The question every patient wants answered is; how much does orthodontic treatment cost? Well, with so many bespoke treatment plans for each patient, the cost will vary depending on your individual needs. That makes it difficult to give an accurate quote for your treatment until we get to learn about your condition better. Our staff is always ready to discuss your treatment costs and the available treatment options to preserve your smile. 

Affordable Payment Plans

We never give our patients unexpected cost surprises. The cost of the treatment includes everything needed to straighten your smile. We believe orthodontic treatment is a great investment for patients of all ages, the reason we aim to make each treatment plan accessible and affordable to all. We accept most major credit cards and insurance plans. For patients that have insurance covers that support any portion of their orthodontic treatment, we are always there to give assistance with the paperwork and the insurance claims. If you have any questions related to your insurance cover, please let us know. Also, if you have any ideas about how we can make your orthodontic experience better, talk to us.

Convenient Online Services

Want to access your account information 24/7? Using our secure online services is easy. You only have to log in to your account and access all your patient information where you can do the following:

  • View your account details and appointment 24/7

  • Sign up for text appointment reminders and emails

  • See your existing charges and check your payment history

  • Print out tax receipts and spending reimbursement

Do you have a patient login? If not, let us know in your next appointment, and we shall gladly assist you in setting up your personal account.

Please note: We do not accept medicaid.

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