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Clear Retainers in Greensboro, NC

Do you need a retainer but are uncomfortable with the idea of a visible wire on your teeth? This can be a particularly stressful decision for people whom have had braces and want to show off their straight smile as much as possible. Clear retainers offer the convenience of a removable retainer, without changing the appearance of your beautiful smile.

What is a Clear Retainer?

Clear retainers are made of specialized clear plastic with the same finish as natural teeth. This retainer is molded to fit your unique teeth and fits snugly into the mouth. When worn, the clear retainer is virtually invisible. Clear retainers are different from Invisalign® in that they are used primarily to stabilize the teeth, not reposition the teeth.

Why Do People Wear Clean Retainers?

Clear retainers are most common for individuals whom have just had braces removed. When orthodontic braces are removed from the teeth, orthodontists recommend using a retainer on a daily basis for the best results. The use of a retainer after braces allows the beautiful results of braces to last as long as possible by stabilizing the teeth and underlying jaw bone. When a retainer is a necessary part of the orthodontic treatment, plan many patients choose clear retainers.

What are the Benefits of Clear Retainers?

Clear retainers, like Hawley retainers, are removable and can be worn daily or nightly. Clear retainers should be removed when eating and partaking in daily dental hygiene routines. This is ideal for people whom do not want a permanent commitment to a retainer or do not need to wear the retainer for 22 hours per day.

Another benefit of clear retainers is that, like lingual retainers, they are not noticeable. Clear retainers are like invisible mouth guards and allow patients to show off the results of their braces without additional visible wires.

How Much Do Clear Retainers Cost in Greensboro?

The cost of a clear retainer will vary based upon your complete orthodontic treatment plan. Your individual treatment plan is devised following an initial consultation with our orthodontist, Dr. Amir Aminoshariae. This consultation is entirely complimentary so that Dr. A can learn about you and you can learn about your options, and the cost of, orthodontic treatment. After Dr. A talks to you about your goals, answers questions you may have and checks out your teeth, he can recommend a clear retainer as part of your treatment plan and include the full cost for you.

To help cover the cost of clear retainers, we offer monthly financing options. One of our qualified team members can review our financing plans with you and ensure you have a treatment plan and payment program with which you are comfortable. We also accept most credit cards and insurance plans for your convenience.

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