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Braces FAQ in Greensboro, NC

Straight A Orthodontics offers braces to the local residents of Greensboro, NC. Our orthodontist, Dr. Amir Aminoshariae, knows that the decision to get braces comes with questions. In this section, Dr. A answers some of our most commonly asked questions.

What are Braces?

Braces are an orthodontic procedure used to straighten the teeth. This orthodontic treatment consists of brackets and wires, which are connected to the teeth to guide them into the desired position. While you wear your braces, your teeth are constantly shifting to where they need to be; you’ll come in for regular appointments so that Dr. A can make adjustments to your braces.

What are the Types of Braces?

To meet the needs of your whole family, we offer many types of braces at Straight A Orthodontics. We offer specialized treatment plans and options for children, teens, and adults including the following types of braces:

  • Metal braces
  • Ceramic braces (Clear braces)
  • Colored braces (using colored rubber bands on traditional metal braces)
  • Invisalign® (Clear Aligners)

Do I Need Braces?

You and your dentist can determine if braces are right for you, but we always recommend scheduling a complimentary initial exam with Dr. A. He will discuss why you’re considering braces, take a look at your teeth and listen to any issues or concerns you may have. From there, he will let you know your options for straighter teeth, give you pricing information and take X-rays as needed. Some of the most common reasons people consider braces are:

  • Crowding in the mouth
  • Speech impediments caused by the teeth
  • Trouble eating caused by the teeth or jaw
  • Crooked teeth
  • Spacing or gaps in the teeth

What are the Benefits of Braces?

Braces offer you many benefits. Braces can enhance your confidence, improve your looks and offer you greater health. Braces are a great way to alleviate the following issues:

  • Appearance: People want a more beautiful smile with straighter, more symmetrical teeth.
  • Function: Braces can alleviate issues with eating or speaking caused by the teeth or jaw.
  • Restoration: Braces can reposition the teeth if they have shifted, become crowded or are crooked.
  • Hygiene: It is more difficult to clean crooked or crowded teeth, and braces allow you to reach more crevices in your entire mouth after treatment.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

Straight A Orthodontics offers financing options including in-house monthly payments or financing. Please visit our Cost of Braces  page to learn about the cost of braces, insurance information, and your financing options.

Wondering if you’re a candidate for braces? Contact Straight A Orthodontics to learn more about our financing, insurance plans and more. We offer braces to local residents of Greensboro, NC.

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