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Forsus in Greensboro, NC

Straight A Orthodontics offers ForsusTM Fatigue Resistant Devices to those looking to improve their smile, eliminate excessive overbites and protect the health of the jaw in growing adolescents.

What Is ForsusTM?

ForsusTM is an efficient, reliable Class II correction spring appliance that can be installed onto your braces as part of an overall treatment plan prescribed by Dr. A. The ForsusTM Fatigue Resistant Device can help reduce the need for headgear or the extraction of permanent teeth, and it helps promote proper growth in adolescents, contributing to the elimination of excessive overbites, improving the fit of teeth and possibly preventing the need for jaw surgery.

Benefits of ForsusTM

A simple and comfortable appliance, your ForsusTM device is installed in one appointment and doesn’t require any additional lab work, and in addition, you don’t have to make daily adjustments because ForsusTM provides a continuous, light force to move your jaw and teeth into their correct positions. Designed to withstand normal intraoral forces and the constant use that can lead to breakage, the ForsusTM appliance is noteworthy for its low profile and the fact that it does not bow into the cheek like other Class II correction appliances, which makes it more comfortable. In addition, because it allows for a full-range of motion, your speech and eating habits won’t be affected. The best part about the ForsusTM appliance is that there is no headgear needed and because ForsusTM sits in the back of your mouth, no one will even notice that it’s even there.

How Does ForsusTM Work?

The ForsusTM appliance is particularly convenient because it will accommodate normal mouth opening for eating and speaking, and the open coil spring is designed to be easy to maintain so you can brush and floss easily. Furthermore, the device has no gaps to trap food particles, although as with any orthodontic appliance, we still recommend that you avoid hard and sticky foods. The constant force given by the ForsusTM appliance means that it works without you having to do anything, and even while you sleep, ForsusTM is helping to move your jaw and teeth into alignment. The ForsusTM appliance works seamlessly with your existing braces and wires as part of an overall treatment plan.

How Much Does ForsusTM Cost in Greensboro?

If Dr. A determines that Forsus™ is right for you, we will include the cost in your overall treatment plan.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss ForsusTM and the benefits of this special spring appliance that can be installed onto your braces as part of an overall treatment plan.

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